My love of photography began when I was just a child, growing right along with the flowers & bugs I most enjoyed documenting. It taught me to notice the little joys of the world. I'm constantly oohing & ahhing over the small wonders; magnifying those tiny details that all add up to make life a little happier--that is my jam, and truly the root of what I do. 8 years into shooting professionally and I still get full of excitement every time I put my eye up to the viewfinder

As I progressed to photographing people, I noticed that far too often they don't recognize themselves as the strokes of pure genius that they are. I see art in the hand gestures of a passionate talker, feel genuine awe at the arc of a mothers arms reaching for her child, & sense a certain magic in the smile that only appears for those you hold dearest.

Long story short...I just want you to realize how lovely you are.

My goal is to celebrate the art inherent to each living thing created on this earth, & I am so thankful to have found an avenue to do so through photography. This path has been winding (& humbling at times) but it's truly SO rewarding to see the light in someone's eyes when they see themselves as I see them through my lens, and as the Big Man Upstairs sees them--utterly & completely magnificent.

You can usually find me wandering a trail with my dog Pip, editing away in my little office nook, or watching movies with my longtime love Michael while eating something cheesy & daydreaming about the next time I might get to travel!

photo by Brooke Voeller Photography

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